Separation Love

by Native Bells

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released March 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Native Bells New York, New York

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Track Name: Separation Love
Somewhere in my head
All the things you said
Sprawled out across the bed
We've been laying here for too long
Floating across the sky
Cloudy dreaming meant to open up my eyes
We've been laying here for too long

Plodding down the road
It seems like every day we fight
and every other day it just gets old
We've been laying here for too long
Making up your mind
The days you'll keep
and the days you'll leave behind
We've been laying here for too long

And though I seldom wonder why
I think that I'm no longer scared to fly
Track Name: Milk
But all of those things are gone and lo and behold they don't matter anymore

And it's milk
Tumbled over, taking me on
Soured, spillin to the break of dawn

Milk, in the microwave and the
Sink, towering over,
Ticklin me pink

Milk, pressing me down against the bed
Hot, spilt all 'cross the things in my head

Milk, twenty-something, flopped on the floor
In the hospital and out the door

Milk, troubled years that slowly relate
Those troubled years take years to deteriorate

Milk, somewhere in the streams of the sky
Wide awake and never taking me alive