by Native Bells

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released November 2, 2015



all rights reserved


Native Bells New York, New York

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Track Name: Masquerade
Help - I don't know what's gotten into me
I'm a little let loose
And I'm a little ashamed to be so out
I'm drawing wings around the pretty girls
Painted as poor
But masquerading as a better world

I didn't mean to do you any harm
Making me sweat
You do your hair as if to better your charm
Please stop
I'm losing my sense of identity
I'm puzzled apart
I've all but made up my own fantasy

Just make me jitter, get me out of time
We keep it swinging and chopped
I keep ahead but my girl, she stays behind
I'm upset. Can't you see I'm just out of luck?
But I don't regret it, 'cause I just can't seem to remember this stuff
Track Name: Tangled and Heartless
I seek the motion
Embodied understanding
Reducing to the visceral touch
Hundreds of waves vibrating slowly
But it's hardly enough

Ideas blend together
You and I are one in the same
Concept and intellect, tangled and heartless,
indirectly relate

We travel slowly
Look around - we're practically standing still
I seek the motion
Embodied understanding
in all that I feel
Track Name: Spill of Thoughts
How do you clean up a spill of thoughts?
Do you pick them off the floor?
Can you sweep them up?
Can you wash them away?

How do you get rid of all of your fears?
Can you throw them in a trash can?
Can you drive them to the dump?
Can you recycle them?

How do you know when it's time to go?
Does someone come to tell you?
Do you feel it in your heart?
Do your thoughts spill across the floor?
Track Name: Glide
I read it all slowly
I read it once, let it soak til the oil burned out all the prints
I keep it all in me
I keep it in the back of my head til I can't keep it in
and then I start it all over again

I glide through as though my trouble's in the sky
Puttin' all my luck in my feet til my ocean runs dry

I made up concessions
I throw em out, toss em up, til they come back and get in my drinks
I keep it all in me
I keep it in the back of my head til I can't keep it in
and then I start it all over again
Track Name: Water Lilies
There's something in your hair
There's something in your head
It's all up in the air
It's all under the bed

A patterned quilt and an opaque shawl
Waterlilies all over the wall

There's dirt in the rug
but you just can't see
It's not the color that's off
but the trust that it's clean
Track Name: Out of Breath
Somebody look through the peep hole
Take your knees off the floor
It's about time that I made you mine again
But it's already June and you are on your way out of my room
Out of my breath again
Where will we start this time?
Where will we pull apart when I begin?

I heard you scream in my gutters
Something obscene through your teeth
Making me sweat like a playboy
and out into the rain again
But you're already his, already yours
and out of my breath again
Where will we start this time?
Where will we pull apart when I begin?
Track Name: Oh No
It's just a fight for the middle
And we're each just holding on
I was clean cut, out of stock, and ready to go

I'm in a fit of pretending
that the whole worlds in the past
But it's me that's hanging on you
And what do you know?

I'm not over you
No, it's harder than you would ever know

We're in the middle of nowhere
But at least we've lost our heads
You were dumbstruck, I was not
And now I'm ready to go

I'm not over you
Track Name: Faceless
I can't see anymore
Well I'm faceless and hardened out
Fallen all over the floor

I'm no longer upset
Now I'm always confused
I take time making sure that I won't be abused again
No, not anymore

Colors blend in a meaningless melt
I'm all over the place
but I don't need your help
Cause I'm faceless, I can't see anymore
Well I'm stunned and hardened out
Fallen all over the floor
Track Name: I'll Be Alright
Behind the wheel
There's a stirring motion
It's like drinking up a glass of wine
I'm moving up
I'm moving out of my head
I may be sick
or maybe I'm blind
But I know
that I'm driving forward
I might never even stop this ride
I'm alone
But, baby, not forever
'Cause in the future there's a whole lot of time

I'm on the run
I'm moving forwards and backwards
I'm moving up and down and side by side
I'm keeping up
I'm sleeping in late
and I'll never ever make the same mistake of wasting my time
I'm pink, I'm turning purple
Somebody save me 'cause I've run out of luck
No matter what
No matter how much I want to
I just never can seem to understand this stuff

I'm fine
Don't you know I'm just so fine
Oh please don't waste me
Oh, baby, don't you waste me
I'm fine
I just wish you'd stop wasting my time
I'm fine
Oh, baby, I'll be alright

Make a mistake
Come up with your own ending
I'm sick and tired of writing it for you
You're on your own
And that's a bigger issue
'cause you don't know how hard I've tried to get through
You blocked me out
And so I'm picking up and
I'm gonna drive this car away from here
I got mine
I picked out my own ending
And I don't need your kind of love or your kind of fear