On Summer, Act I: Honey, Noon, and the Sea

by Native Bells

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released June 27, 2013



all rights reserved


Native Bells New York, New York

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Track Name: Off the Edge of the World (and into the Sea)
Somebody shouted out the front seat window at me
"Better get your head inside"
and so I figured maybe you were dancing on the stage above me
Telling me to come outside
But you were laughing in the cigarette ash
in the back of some Japanese kid's apartment
as he punched out the window and jumped into the street

So I've been telling everybody that I meet
that the colors that your feet make shouting on the sidewalk color me in
They drove around me til they got so mad
that you would never ever let me in no more
so now I figure that I'll find my keys
and when the morning comes I'll sneak out the back
head over to the back of the stage
and with the sun coming up I'll be gone
driven over to the edge of the world and into the sea
Track Name: Handful of Clay
I don't know how the world gets off
Just beatin it's drum all day
I don't know why but it feels so rough
to be sittin on my bed with a handful of clay

Wake me up in the daytime
Wake me up in the middle of the night
Wake me up in the morning
So I can feel like I'm gonna be alright

I don't know why my hands won't stop
They'll be workin from the dusk til the dawn
I don't know why the world won't stop
just a minute so that I can get on
Track Name: In a Little Hilltop Village
Climbin atop the rainy days of the mountains
All the village trees were soaked in grey
In a New English town, afraid of the locals
Comin up to see you for a day

Maybe clouds weren't meant to hold the mountains
Maybe I wasn't meant to hold your hand
But maybe if I try to keep you inside of my wooden cage
Well maybe then I could stand a chance
Track Name: All Day, All Night
I set the men in the backstage
they started rough on the shore
taking a gallon or two of defeat they
came up the middle of the road

he's two feet tall with the drainpipe pants
goin under all the women and all the other men
are thinking seven gallon hats and a pair of boat shoes
and while consumed in consumer thought the other men lose

I made plans for the weekend
they fell right through the floor
and when I looked in the cellar that day
they came 'a marching down the road

I understand there's something in the water tonight
making drinks in the evening, shooting other stuff at night
and if it's only 2 oclock won't you please keep me straight
cause all the cigarettes that I've got left won't get me through the day

it's a break, please take it as it fights to admire
all the old town values you're throwin in the fire pit
but you only wanted for to better yourself
but kid you're kidding yourself if you think that I'm about to help

let's stay out all day
let's stay out all night
I'll be bleeding all around til the sun goes down
and i'm over the bed, over the street, over the sea
and i'm over you and i'm over me
Track Name: You're Golden Now
Honey you can come to me when
all your faces start swelling up green, just
take a seat at the table, see if you're able
can you reel back the time

Honey you can count on me to
black the images that spoil your dreams
cause you were made for the city
take it up easy, you can come back to me

Honey you can come back to me when
the cloud of anger doesn't hang on your dreams
please take the time to go get it
make yourself better
I want you to be here with me
Track Name: Speak Up, Honey
Speak up, honey, speak up again
speak up until you make it outta the sand
make me a king on your backyard line
makin me up to be the sweetest thing on the vine

and there's nothing standing there
and though i told myself i woudn't care
I do

black out, honey, black out again
black out until we find the morning again
taking all the money, take all the drugs
taking all my education, find me in a rut to go home

cause there's nothing standing there
and though i told myself i woudn't care
I do

Speak up, honey, speak up again
speak up until you make it outta the sand
make me a king, make me devine
oh please, make me out to be the sweetest thing on the vine
Track Name: Morning Window
Morning window
It's the same old same
And I'm glad that I came
but it's time

Morning window
It's a ride all right
But I'll be gone tonight
so goodbye

Morning window
Like the frozen leaves
And the winter breeze
in her eyes

Morning window
Through the molded mugs
All the hollow hugs
and goodbyes

Morning window
To the station tracks
Never looking back
So goodbye