Native Bells, Side D

by Native Bells

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released August 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Native Bells New York, New York

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Track Name: White Noise
when white noise leaks through the door
your room is isolated
and when you get up and walk out the door
there will be white all around you
and you will fall infinitely

when light leaks in through the blinds
the pieces all connect
and when you pick up your head and you stretch
you will feel delicate and lonely
and your back will collapse
and fold into a staircase
and make the left and right parts of your head
join and unify in ecstasy

the alarm clock blinks on and off
the night waits in dismay
but the curtains obstruct all the stars
and your eyes conceive new colors
sifting through the clouds
reality grows dim
as you wind through the crevices of
a psychological maze

will you watch the dots
scramble inside
a barrage of scattered images
that are slowly detached and defined

disquietude rests
just below the covers
and as your fingers grow more and more still
you will find yourself in rainbows
climb ladders in rows
as your nightmare becomes less surreal
inverted colors will awake you

when white noise leaks through the door
your room is isolated
and when you get up and walk out the door
there will be white all around you
and you will fall infinitely
Track Name: I'll Close My Eyes
Talking all night long
But we're no longer alone
We shutter
and close up our eyes
for now we close our eyes
for now we'll close our eyes
for now we'll close our eyes

Sunken and forlorn
We're no longer one
And I shutter
and close up my eyes
for now I'll close my eyes
for now I'll close my eyes
for now I'll close my eyes

Adrift among a tidal wave
and never coming back
Upheld, withdrawn, beyond the womb
and working out the math
Persuaded by the logic
Assured by all the trust
Doing what you ought to do
instead of what you must

Behind the velvet, paper thin
and naked in the sun
Revealed, exposed, exhibited
Blinded, deaf, and dumb
Gone amiss, or led astray
but guided all the way
Blank and nothing everywhere
but promise all the same
Track Name: The Pulse
I feel the pulse
the waves
the math is right
and you
are out of time
Track Name: What Are You Gonna Do?
What are you gonna do when there's nobody left?
What are you gonna do when there's nobody left but you?

We sit back at home and watch
But we just wanna get up and move

We'll surrender ourselves to the rest of the day
Keep the anger inside while we spit out the pain
As our limbs are shaking, we'll stubbornly sit still
But you know in the end, we will never be friends
If you do this to me, like you did it again
And i'll kick off the chains, stand up and dance til i'm dead

We just keep our mouths shut
But we just want to scream as loud as we can

So we'll keep staying quiet and always deny
All the millions of things that we've always decided
Are worthless, hopeless, causeless, tired but true
But you know that someday all our lips will grow tired
And will justly betray all the years we've conspired
Against our wills, our motives, and the whole of our lives

We wanted to prove that we could
So now we're gonna prove it to you

there will always be times when the worlds on your shoulders
but you'll keep growing stronger, and smarter and older
and you'll know that the time has come and what to do
so keep pushing ahead through the bore of the day
keep the useful ones, push the worthless away
we can make it through if we keep on pushing on
Track Name: The Movement
I see the movement
Shining in the crest of a wave
I see the movement
Glimmering in the times I've saved
And wrapping around my head
Spinning around
And running around my brain
Racing around and round

I see the movement
In the center of the city at night
I see the movement
In the darkness of the country side
And dancing around my feet
Shaking around
And jumping across my knees
Laughing around

I see the movement
In the iris of your hazel eyes
I see the movement
In the bloodlines of your naked thighs
And singing around your lips
Shouting around
Glistening through your hair
Taking me down, down, down
Track Name: Take Me Home
well I saw it through an airplane window
I saw it through a car
I saw it in the burning sun
and underneath the stars
I saw it miles away
and i saw it at point blank
I saw it as it kept afloat
I saw it as it sank

Take me
Take me
Take me home

I heard it in the alleyway
I heard it in the streets
I heard it through the winter cold
and in the summer heat
I heard it quiet as the night
I heard it loud as shots
I heard it 'neath the bridge
and in the parking lot

I felt it through a scattered breeze
and in the autumn calm
I felt it brush straight through my hair
and i felt it in my palm
I felt it bring me to my knees
I felt it lay me down
I felt it in my empty room
and on the other side of town