Lost in a Dream, Vol. 1: REM

by Native Bells

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Rising at night on your porch, all candlelit and stoned
Searching for a smokey web to cling to
Smith's spiderman comes in pizzicato strings
and carrying waterlogged midnight fantasies,
mixed memories and no less than 136 peers
Crushed in a crumpled pack of Camels
Designed and sitting opposite one another
toward an awkward glance and fleeting image
Shaking limbs and brain stirred to a half-conscious mess
Heavy hail, the king has come

Paranoid and persistent, demanding a glass bowl
"A drink!" he yells, scared to drop his guard
Break in the storm - run to the car
Lost in a dream, dreaming lost
Spin on, Night, I'll sleep to you soon
I don't need your acid or your attitude
When will you reach out?

Step to the rhythm of your clothes,
vibrating down to the smallest string
and submissive; subservient to the slightest whim

The white noise in the box fan
spreading an isolated sound
slipping a sheer over the door
Alone in some crawling dark
infinite and asleep
Alone in the rainy sun at dawn
Still and still stoned
Stuck and stuck in
Hiding in a still moment;
in a quavering stereo


released August 18, 2011



all rights reserved


Native Bells New York, New York

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Track Name: Lost in a Dream
I wanna go
Where the sun don't shine so low
Where the buildings rise and reflect
the edge of the sea
Where it glistens through the windows
Dripping water all down Wall street
Tidal waves through the summer concrete
All the people picked up
As the water slowly inches strong
Deciding where they ought to go
Never knowing who is right
and who is wrong

I wanna hear
All the sounds that live
in the furthest reaches of my dreams
Stunning timbres twisting all around my head
Like the crest of your waving hair
Brunette colors floating in through your
Hazelnut eyes
and resting on your lips
Suddenly you burst
into a million smiling lights
That surround me through my summer days
growing brighter every night, every night
Track Name: Raspberry
Caught up in everyones nails
'Til they leave you alone
Made for a shot at the game
But you want to go home

We're just looking for something new
They're just looking for something to do

We start over at one
We start when your raspberry's done

Trapped in a medical mask
Sterilized every day
Breaking from the habits you take
Thinking of something to say

Wishing for some kind of expression
Hoping to make a good impression

Slain on the New York train
Draining out through your pores
Bled crimson red is replaced
Instead there's raspberry rose

Teetering on the edge of slumber
Teeming with a restless hunger
Track Name: Green
Green, green, green
In the water, in the blind of the sun
Green, green, green
In the bottom of the coffee maker, making puerto rican rum
Green, green, green
Making love in a furnished room
Green, green, green
Waking up in the middle of the afternoon

Hold tight
Watch the clock spin out of control
Spin out
Learn the books, look both ways before you go
Look up
Watch the blinds drop over your head
Drop down
Look around, mama, that's what you get

Green, green, green
Dripping sewage from the water main
Green, green, green
All those fights you fought have ended in vain
Green, green, green
Lock the door, close the lights out quick
Green, green, green
We've got another couple fights to pick

Let loose
Have you moved with the sway of the night?
Move out
How quickly can you get outta sight?
Get out
Have you forgotten all the things that you did
Back in the city, back in your bed

Green, green, green
On the campus, on the classroom board
Green, green, green
Looking ahead but not sure what you're moving toward
Green, green, green
In your car, making love in the back seat
Green, green, green
Holding your own in the growing spring heat

Oh boy
Make moves, fake everything you can
Stay real
Take it up, talk it down, what's the plan?
Talk down
Keep your head up, keep your clothes wrapped tight
Keep on
Keepin' on to the edge of the night
Track Name: Blue
There was a blue
And it went sliding 'round the wheel
To change its hue
There were other colors there
But they all knew
Nothing would come close
To being blue

There were greens
Brought by the sun until its rays
Could not be seen
And if you look too close
They're not quite what they seem
And as the sun is washed away
So are the greens

There were grays
They peaked there heads out
As the night swallowed the day
They swam around in liquid sound
Losing their way
Until the murky water
Disappeared in grey

There was a blue
And more than any other color
It was new
It kept me sinking deeper, wishing
But I knew
Nothing could come close
To being you
Track Name: Seagulls
Lost in the sky
And lost in the clouds
As the birds float by
They open their mouths
And they twist their heads
Into fancy shapes
Singing death songs
To the druggy’s escape
When they pass right through
The other set of ears
That are hidden inside
With the third eyelid
They reveal themselves
For whatever they’re worth
And they make themselves up
And they put them to work

Come with me
I'll show you to the edge or the road
Come with me
We'll show you exactly where you need to go

Lost in the sky
And lost in the clouds
As the birds float by
With their open mouths
They whisper to me
Singing songs of the dead
And they tell me to float
Down the river instead
And the native bells
That lay on the floor
They echo the sea
As the seashells roar
From a different place
And a different time
They don’t want to admit
That what I’ve found here is mine
Track Name: Fly Away
I had struggled to find
Something to write about
I had struggled to find
Something to cry about
I had to step outside
It's time for another cigarette (another cigarette)
And I'm leaving it far behind
It's just one more thing to forget

I just wanna lose myself in my creations
So dig me a hole
I just wanna feel the exhilaration
of losing control

You had walked in your heels
But now you never do
You had made it so bad
But now there's something new
She's just a little star
In the cloudless summer sky
and I'm leaving it far behind
I want it all to stop and rewind

I just wanna be free of all my inhibitions
so help me along
I just wanna have some kind of explanation
for why I feel so alone

I have made up mind
Some things've got to change
I have made up mind
Things have been looking strange
I've been trying to hide
Behind my friends and my words
And I'm leaving it far behind
It's grown ridiculous and absurd

I don't wanna be alone in my frustrations
I don't care if you ever know
I can't stand falling into this repetition
I just can't bring myself to care anymore