Autumn is a Strange Place (EP)

by Native Bells

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released January 16, 2012



all rights reserved


Native Bells New York, New York

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Track Name: Spin
Did you find her ‘neath the lattice trees
Laying behind a deep maroon sky
Shadowed before a willow
and in the crest of peaking ripples
wondering why
Curving to the warped tennis courts
To twist inside the cracks
of the pavement passing by

With stunned sapphire irises
In a melting world, dripping steadily off the page
And into a bucket of growing distortion
Floating away on the surface
of a hard-boiled egg
and empty Washington Square
toward dim lantern light
on the back of limousine rain

And emissing through the clearing
Over miles of spinning sepia foliage trim
Wild, winding sidewalk patterns
And fluttering spring white buds
as the evening sun dims
Shaken deftly to the ring in your ear
and the glow in your throat
and the mess inside your head
Track Name: Autumn is a Strange Place (EP)
Droplet culdesacs toward the dead of night
And standing still in a bleak Autumn
Wishing to a brimming livelihood
Stained in SUVs and the local school kids
Climbing home through the backyard fence
And standing uncynical in unwavering bright

Bled in saturated cotton-candy clouds
To be found beneath the playground stars
Veiled again in another green world
To understand the romantic draw
Of silver-plastic diners, nighttime sidewalks
Country bridges and highway bars

Find me laying somewhere in Neshanic
And dead cigar smoke on a summer porch
Beside a Camry to coming home stoned
And recording a finished basement’s hum
Taking to the violet-green sunset
And a film-saturated dawn
Track Name: Massachusetts
In sun-soaked madrigals
and plastic peaches raining gold
And running fall-soaked oaks
in Central Park in breezy tolls
Contemplating red and all
canary colored leaves
All beneath the Massachusetts autumn

In bronze November taking sand
from beach chairs to the floor
And finding soon the lighthouse gusts
That knock through your front door
And all in sudden comfort
In the homes that you’ve now sold
All beneath the Massachusetts autumn

Defeating all the spoiled dreams
That wake you in your sleep
Escaping spectral wolves toward nightmares
Huddled, safe, and sweet
Forever hushed from midnight songs
and diamond wedding rings
All beneath the Massachuestts autumn